Himachal Pradesh 2020: Strong District Administration, Rural Development

Himachal Pradesh 2020 has maintained steady performance in the SKOCH State of Governance ranking on the back of good show in District Administration, Rural Development, Health and Power & Energy. The state improved its ranking in six categories while in the overall state ranking it slipped one spot to move down to the 16th place in the SKOCH State of Governance Rankings 2020. In 2019 it was placed at the 15th position.

Top Gainers

Himachal Pradesh registered significant gains in six sectoral rankings. In the District Administration category in which the maximum number of innovations came from across the country, Himachal Pradesh acquired the 11th position. In contrast, no noteworthy project was selected from Himachal Pradesh in category in 2019. Similarly, in the Health category Himachal Pradesh moved up from the 10th position in 2019 to the seventh position in 2020. Himachal Pradesh also registered good show in Transport, Rural Development, Power & Energy and Municipal Governance categories. No project was selected from Himachal Pradesh in these categories during 2019.

District Administration Booming In Himachal Pradesh 2020

With six projects, Himachal Pradesh acquired the 11th position in the District Administration sectoral ranking. One of the selected projects from Himachal Pradesh in the District Administration category was in the impactful category while another one was in highly impactful category.

District Administration Mandi has deployed low cost landslide monitoring system in the land slide prone areas. The new system has been developed in association with IIT Mandi. The deployment of the new system has helped save precious life. For example, several lives were saved at Kotropi with quick response from the sensors placed at the affected areas. In order to provide early warnings, the new system alerts people by SMS and hooters. While concerned authorities are notified through SMS, the hooters give warnings to the common people. In doing so, the system warns people and gives them time to take preventive measures.

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