Karnataka State Of Governance 2020: Health, Infrastructure & Transport Grow

Karnataka State of Governance 2020 review shows up that the state is doing well in the Health segment and using digital technology effectively across administrative categories. Generally speaking, Karnataka’s 2020 performance reveals that the state has functioned consistently, retaining its position across most categories. The state continues to do reasonably well in the Governance, e-Governance, Infrastructure and Transport niches.

Karnataka moves down from #8 in 2019 to #10 in the overall ranking in our annual State of Governance review. Karnataka has performed tremendously in the Health category, moving from #9 in 2019 to #2 in 2020.

Top Gainers

Top Gainers
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Health Sector Does Well In Karnataka State Of Governance 2020

The Department Of Health & Family Welfare Services, Government Of Karnataka, has done exemplary work in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The immunisation program inoculated children and pregnant women against life-threatening preventable diseases to mitigate manageable threats during the pandemic. Keeping up the delivery of essential healthcare services to vulnerable populations has indeed proven instrumental to curtailing the devastating effects of the pandemic.

The general health services under the Ayushman Bharat – Arogya Karnataka scheme worked on both Covid and non-Covid concerns. The main goal was to prevent a disruption of healthcare services at the district level. To this end, the authorities invested in infrastructural, equipment and resource development. This helped expand coverage for medical expenses under existing schemes. As a result, citizens do not have to worry about extravagant out-of-pocket spending at a time of national crisis.

Infrastructure Gets A Facelift In 2020

Large-scale construction and development projects have been some of the worst-affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. But the show must go on. Infrastructural growth and responsible development are indeed some of the most reliable markers of a prosperous society. Hence, the Karnataka State Police Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited has launched the Fast Track Construction Technologies – Precast Construction Of 128 Pc Quarters Development Project.

Prefabricated/ precast construction allows for the production of largescale structures at reduced rates. Firstly, standardised elements are built offsite. These are then transported to the construction site in specialised vehicles. After that, they are assembled using dedicated lifting equipment and cranes. This project is the first precast building in the government sector and therefore holds great potential for revitalisaing the construction industry.

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