Kerala State Of Governance 2020: Better Health, Police & Safety, Water

Kerala has registered good performance in Health, Water, Municipal Governance, Police & Safety, Governance (General Administration) and Skill Development sectors. The state has improved its performance in six sectors rankings. However, in the overall state ranking Kerala slipped two spot to the 15 position in SKOCH State of Governance Rankings 2020 from the 13th position secured in 2019.

Police & Safety Shines in Kerala State of Governance 2020

The second highest number of projects in Police & Safety category from Kerala were studied. The team selected a total 10 projects from Kerala in this category. Out of these, one project was in the highly impactful category. This helped Kerala acquire the fourth position Police & Safety sectoral ranking. Andhra Pradesh topped the Police & Safety sectoral ranking with 58 projects that were studied.

Kerala State Police played a pro-active role in managing the Covid-19 crisis. Not only did the force enforce the lockdowns and maintain order in the society, but they also worked hard to ensure smooth movement of needy people. Kerala Police worked on different front to mitigate the hardships of the people. For example, the Social Media Cell of Kerala Police came out with highly innovative posts and videos on precautionary steps to check the spread of the Coronavirus.

Kerala State of Governance 2020 Boasts Great Water Projects

With two projects Kerala acquired the fifth position in Water sector ranking. One of the two projects from Kerala in the water sector was in the impactful category. Similarly, two projects from Gujarat were in the highly impactful category. Gujarat topped the Water sector ranking with three projects.

Kerala State Land Use Board, Department of Planning and Economic Affairs, Government of Kerala, has implemented a project named ‘Jalasamrudhi Kattakada’ in order to mitigate the water scarcity problem. With this in mind, the activities taken under the initiative include planting of seedlings, digging rain water pits as well as protecting ponds and streams using coir geotextiles. The projects also include rejuvenation of ponds and streams, artificial recharging of wells in schools and public buildings, digging of 300 plus new farm ponds and increase in paddy area and inland fisheries in renovated ponds. Furthermore, the authorities conducted water quality testing in all 122 wards. Study showed that ground water level substantially increased in the region because of project implementation.

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