Madhya Pradesh Governance 2020: A Superstar In The Making

Reviewing Madhya Pradesh governance 2020 proves that the state continues to be a state on the rise. Madhya Pradesh cements its successful streak as a state catching up to the superstars. In a year where the pandemic has impacted governance as well as everyday life, it’s heartening to see the state do well.

We noted in last year’s review that Madhya Pradesh turned out to be something of a dark horse: despite its size and population, the state hasn’t made the news as favourably as robust economies like Gujarat or tech-savvy states like Karnataka and yet, M.P. has been slowly and steadily climbing the charts almost-unnoticed these last few years.

This progress is underlined by 2020’s results: after careful evaluation across several metrics, SKOCH finds that Madhya Pradesh has climbed up from #7 to #5 in our overall performance rankings. Making the Top 5 is no mean feat. It could be said that the years of quiet may have been a case of waiting mistaken for waste, and we are finally beginning to see them pay off.

Top Gainers

Our State of Governance review for 2020 finds Madhya Pradesh stirring things up in a number of categories. The state is doing exceptionally well in the Municipal Governance and District Administration segments. It is also leading by example in the Governance and Municipal Sanitation sectors.

Top Gainers
District Administration68
Municipal Governance27
Municipal Sanitation45

Agriculture In Madhya Pradesh Governance 2020

The MP State Agricultural Marketing Board and NIC MP State Centre have introduced eMANDI and eANUGYA. The digital platform modernises the Anugya permit system used for moving agricultural produce to mandi/ markets and other destinations. Because of the new system, cess evasion has dropped and a 20% rise in the MandiCess has been noted. The Agricultural Produce & Livestock Market Committee allows farmers and traders to engage in sale-purchase transactions directly. The transparency brought about by the system helps protect farmers’ interests, facilitate faster registration of documents and deals. This also serves to streamline every aspect of the process from yield and inventory to licensing and outstation transport.

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