Rajasthan 2020: Gains in District Administration, e-Governance, Health

Rajasthan 2020 registered gains in District Administration, e-Governance and Health categories. Some good initiatives came from Rajasthan in the District Administration category in 2020. However, there was no noteworthy project from Rajasthan in the previous year. Similarly, the state has performed well in the Health category as well. In the overall ranking, the condition of Rajasthan was not up to the mark of 2019. Rajasthan slipped from the 12th position in 2019 to the 18th position in SKOCH State of Governance Rankings 2020.

District Administration In Rajasthan 2020

Five projects were studied from Rajasthan in the District Administration category. Out of these, one project was in the highly impactful category while the another project was in the impactful category. This helped Rajasthan secure the 19th position in the District Administration sectoral ranking.

District Administration Baran conducted intense inspection of Anganwadi Centres under the initiative called “Aanganwadi Pulse Inspection”. ICDS Department conducted the inspection in collaboration with Education Department through their Teachers and Principals. SDMs and BDOs also participated in carrying out the inspection additionally. This was done in order to send a strong message of discipline in the field and to ensure government services are reaching the much needed through ICDS. Anganwadi Workers addressed a total of 51 questions about their operations. Project members used Google forms to record the responses, supplemented by Time Stamped Photos of each survey.

As a result of this intense inspection drive, opening rate of Anganwadis on a daily basis have increased by over 20 percentage points.

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