Transport Sector In 2020 Gives Resounding Response To Covid-19

The SKOCH State of Governance research process studies governance with a fine-toothed comb. For 2020, the impact of Covid-19 on administration has the most dominant theme. From District Administration and Health to Municipalities and Policing, every aspect of governance has changed in response to the pandemic. These changes haven’t been all bad: quite the contrary in fact; many government sectors and the organisations working within them have matured this last year. They say that you only know what you’re truly made of in times of crisis and by that reckoning, governance in India is a testament to strong administrative will.

SKOCH studied nearly 1400 projects for 2020. The Transport sector in 2020 is credited with 27 impactful projects. These have been studied and assessed to be well-performing projects in terms of planning, implementation and effect.

State Rankings by Transport Sector in 2020

The following table shows the top-performing states on the basis of work done in the Transport sector in 2020:

State Rank by TransportState Names
1West Bengal
7Tamil Nadu
8Chandigarh (UT)
8Uttar Pradesh

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Recent SKOCH Awardees from Transport

Transport’s Evidence of Excellence

Media Coverage

CHENNAI: Southern Railway has won silver in the SKOCH Awards under the category of excellence in response to Covid-19.

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