Water Projects In 2020: Governance Priorities In The Pandemic

Water projects in 2020, like all governance activities, have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The SKOCH State of Governance research project is an in-depth analysis of state function across different categories. We look at projects and schemes under each category as an indicator of overall state performance. This past year, the pandemic has affected governance both obviously and in subtle ways. For instance, District Administration all over the country seems to have matured rather rapidly this past year. We have explicitly observed a shift away from top-down management to beneficiary-led methods.

The Water landscape has been blossoming these last few years. From markedly zero participation in the ranking projects for 3 years between 2015 and 2017 to steady growth between 2018 and 2020, we’re seeing a definite shift in administrative priorities. In brief: for 2019 only 0.92% of the total number of projects analysed came from the water niche. Comparatively, 2020 has been a more robust year with 3.08% of the total projects studied falling within the Water category. To sum up, performance in the sector has grown 3.34 times in just one year and projections for coming years promise bigger gains.

Covid-19 And Its Impact On Water Projects

The Capital Prioritises Staff Welfare

Delhi Jal Board ran a project dedicated to Staff Welfare Cell for COVID-19 Positive Officers/Officials of Delhi Government. The Covid-19 cell helped members of GNCTD and Autonomous Bodies as well as Corporations & Local Bodies, etc. The project has assisted over 1,000 people since its inception. As part of its services, it provides beneficiaries with essential goods and services and also connects different concerned officers and departments with the patients. Moreover, the cell extends counselling support to officials affected by the virus and their families.

WII Protects The Ganges Basin

The Wildlife Institute of India is committed to making and keeping the Ganga clean. To this end, the WII-NMCG Planning and Management for Aquatic Species Conservation and Maintenance of Ecosystem Services in the Ganga Basin scheme is using a scientifically-driven restoration approach. The idea is to use cutting-edge technology and involve multiple stakeholders in order to be able to achieve the greatest ecological impact possible.

State Rankings On The Basis Of Water Projects

The following table details how different states have ranked on the basis of their performance in the water category. This ranking is not the same as our overall state rank in the State of Governance research. However, each state’s sectoral rankings go a long way towards deciding its overall performance rank. Several of the states listed below for impactful water projects in 2020 have also featured in our Top 10 list for 2020.

Rank In Water SegmentName Of The State
3Tamil Nadu
7Andhra Pradesh
7West Bengal

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