SKOCH Environment Award 2018


SKOCH Environment Award 2018

Care of environment is of utmost importance for sustainable development. Different types of environmental clearances are required to be to taken in India for setting up new projects and business. While it is an important management tool for ensuring the optimal use of natural resources for sustainable development a transparent and efficient clearance process is highly desirable for the growth of business and overall economy. A number of steps have been taken in the recent years to ease the process of environmental
clearances in order to make it easier for the companies to operate in the country. SKOCH Environment Award will identify the best practices taken for sustainable development and environment protection.


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Who Can Nominate?

• Public Limited Company
• Private Limited Company
• Joint Venture
• Partnership
• Multi-National Corporation
• Public Sector Undertaking (Maharatna, Navratna, Miniratna)
• Government
• State Owned Enterprise
• Others (Please specify…………………….)


• Air Pollution Control
• Disaster Planning
• Eco-system management
• Energy conservation
• Environment Health
• Environmental education programs
• Fire Safety Measures
• Flora/Fauna conservation and management
• House-Keeping & cleanliness
• Land Use Planning
• Liquid Effluents Management
• Noise and Vibration Control

• Occupational Safety and Health
• Prevention, maintenance and operation of Environment Control Systems
• Recovery – reuse of waste products
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
• Rehabilitation
• Solid Wastes Management
• Sustainable Infrastructure
• Tourism
• Transport Systems
• Vegetal Cover
• Water Pollution Control
• Water Resource Management
• Others (Please specify…………………….)


Part I:

1. Explain why it is to be considered for SKOCH Award?
2. If the Nomination were to win SKOCH Award, what should the citation read like to justify the Award? It should essentially explain; what difference has been made that makes this an outstanding nomination. (Max 100 Words)
3. Who are the Champions of this Nomination / initiative / achievement?

Part III:

1. Whether environmental clearance has been obtained? if applicable (Yes/ No).
2. Clearance from State Pollution Control Board, if applicable (Yes/ No) .
3. Clearance from Local Municipal Committee/Panchayat, if applicable (Yes/ No) .
4. Clearance from Fire Safety Department, if applicable (Yes/ No).
5. Clearance from Civil Aviation Department, if applicable (Yes/ No).
6. Clearance from the Central Ground Water Board for running of bore wells in the project, if applicable (Yes/ No).
7. Clearance from any other local or State Authority, if applicable (Yes/ No, if Yes, please mention).

Part III:

1. Brief overview of the nomination.
2. Date since when the project has been operational.
3. State the challenges faced in getting environmental clearances from different agencies.
4. Process followed for obtaining environmental clearances.
5. Describe the innovative aspects of your project/activity.
6. Describe the solution implemented.
7. Details of coverage of the targeted population.
8. Comparison of the pre-deployment with post-deployment scenario.
9. Benefits of the solution implemented.
10. Potential for replicability arising from the success of your project/activity.
11. In case you are selected for certificate of merit/award, who in your organisation will receive it? (Typically, our awards are received by the head of the organisation.)



1. There is no Fee for applying for the SKOCH Award.
2. Selected Nominations will be called for Evaluation Presentation to the Panel of Expert Jury at New Delhi at their cost.
3. For each Nomination selected, only one person is allowed to be present / participate in the Evaluation Presentation. It is recommended that the best person for the job is nominated.
4. In case, more people wish to accompany the Presenter—limited to two persons only—a Participation Fee of INR 2,000/- (plus GST) per person, will be applicable.


1. Based on the presentation an independent Jury of domain experts will rank the Nominees.
2. Highest-ranking Nominees will be shortlisted and invited to seek Popular Vote from their beneficiaries and stakeholders. This voting is online and involves use of Twitter. Participation in Popular Vote is recommended.
3. Based on the Jury score and the Popular Vote SKOCH Order-of-Merit will be decided and declared in advance.
4. Merit Listed nominations will be invited to receive the SKOCH Order-of-Merit in New Delhi on 19th September 2018 (the date may change).


1. SKOCH Order-of-Merit winners qualify to run for the SKOCH Award – the highest Award in the competitive categories.
2. SKOCH Order-of-Merit winners will be entitled to contest for Expert Votes during the 53rd SKOCH Summit on the theme of “State of Development”. 400 National and international Delegates and Domain Experts are expected to participate and Vote.
3. SKOCH Award is decided on SKOCH Order-of-Merit score + Expert Vote score.
4. This is not a mandatory option, however, without the Expert Vote weightage, Nominees will be competing only on their SKOCH Order-of-Merit score. In the past, there have been instances of Nominees winning if their SKOCH Order-of-Merit score itself was high enough to not need the Expert Vote weightage.
5. Participation in Expert Vote process and Exhibition comes alongwith attractive mainline media PR & Publicity opportunities.
6. All scores are confidential.
7. As per SKOCH Award protocol, in-person participation of the Nominee is mandatory on 19th September 2018 at New Delhi.
8. SKOCH Award as well as SKOCH Order-of-Merit are neither announced nor conferred in absentia. If the Awardee is not present, the Award is withdrawn. In all cases, the name of the recipient has to be informed well in advance.
9. No Delegate Fee is charged from the Awardee.

Terms & Conditions:

• Nomination must reach by 20:00 hrs, IST on 21st August 2018
• Early Bird Benefit: Nominations received by 23rd July 2018 will get 5 additional points.
• Each submission must include: A completed Nomination Form / Project Information as per the enclosed format.
• Both hard and electronic copies (submitted via website) are needed. The hard copies should be duly signed and stamped.
• States from large number of nominations received may be considered for conducting of evaluation roundtable at state level.

Send entries to or in a CD at:
Skoch Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
A-222, Sushant Lok – 1, Gurgaon – 122001
Haryana, India
Tel: +91-124-4777444

• One implementing agency can nominate more than one project/nomination.
• The Awards Committee can also at its discretion nominate projects or people that it feels are deserving and should be under the consideration set.
• Skoch Consultancy Services and its group companies reserve the right to reproduce submitted materials. These reproductions may be edited to suit the format.
• Submitted nominations cannot be withdrawn for want of Organisation approval/sanction, retracting submitted information, submitting additional information or any other related cause. Organisation approval sanction should be acquired beforehand.
• SKOCH has the approval of checking the authenticity of the provided information by contacting the organization’s head, senior manager, IT staff, consultants, suppliers or business partners. The provided information and context may or may not be revealed to these parties, depending on the situation.
• Skoch would retain the right to ask for additional information or clarification from the nominee. Co-operation from the nominee would be highly appreciated.
• Since Peer Evaluation is integral to the SKOCH Award, maximum of 5 per cent weightage of total score obtained by each nomination in Peer Review is added to the Jury score. All Jury ratings are done on an absolute basis with a cap of 10 Points that can be scored by any Nomination.
• Top performing Nomination that can contribute to best practices will be conferred SKOCH Order-of-Merit Award in September 2018. Amongst SKOCH Order-of-Merit recipients the Nomination with highest national ranking would be conferred SKOCH Award in September 2018.

For Ethics Policy please visit


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SKOCH Awardee List

S.NoAward CategoryProject NameOrganisation
1Ladakh Integrated Development ProjectLadakh Farmers & Producers Cooperative Ltd
2Energy ConservationEnergy Conservation Measures taken up by APSECMAndhra Pradesh State Energy Conservation Mission
3Liquid Effluents ManagementA Zero Liquid Discharge Common Effluent Treatment PlantAnkleshwar Cleaner Process Technology Center Pvt Ltd
4Liquid Effluents ManagementUkai Thermal Power Station - Prevention, Maintenance and Operation of Environment Control SystemsGujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd
5Air Pollution ControlPAPA (Pollution Abating Plants Abhiyan)Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board
6Sustainable InfrastructureSoULS InitiativeIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay
7Occupational Safety and HealthHSE ManagementNational Fertilizers Limited


Click here to view the SKOCH Order-of-Merit Photographs.

Order-of-Merit Awardee List

S.NoAward CategoryProject NameOrganisation
1Solid Wastes ManagementAutomated Mixed Municipal Solid Waste SegregatorTrashcon Labs Private Ltd
2Liquid Effluents ManagementA Zero Liquid Discharge - Common Effluent Treatment Plant (ZLP - CETP) for Concentrated WastewaterAnkleshwar Cleaner Process Technology Center Pvt Ltd
3Environment in PSUVisakha Vijayawada Secunderabad PipelineHindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
4Recovery - Reuse of waste productsWaste Management and Recycling ServicesEco Wise Waste Management
5Solid Wastes ManagementWaste Paper and Wood RecyclingGreen-O-Tech India
6Solid Wastes ManagementCopper Slag Solid Waste Material for Road ConstructionCSIR - Central Road Research Institute
7Liquid Effluents ManagementLiquid Effluents ManagementGandhinagar TPS, Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd
8Air Pollution ControlPAPA (Pollution Abating Plants Abhiyan)Himachal Pradesh State Pollution Control Board
9Air Pollution ControlSikka Thermal Power StationGujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd
10Energy conservationAmmonia Feedstock Changeover Project (AFCP)National Fertilizers Limited, Panipat
11Energy conservationS-300 (New Ammonia Convertor) & S-200 (Old Ammonia Convertor) Parallel OperationNational Fertilizers Limited, Panipat
12Energy conservationDosing of Coal Combustion CatalystNational Fertilizers Limited, Panipat
13Reducing Greenhouse Gas EmissionsUtran Gas Based Power StationGujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd
14Water Pollution ControlBio-Remediation of Open Drain Water and Drain Silt in Indian SlumsNextgen Infoworld Private Limited
15Ladakh Integrated Development ProjectLadakh Farmers & Producers Cooperative Ltd
16Water Resource ManagementRain Water Harvesting SystemRajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital
17Prevention, Maintenance And Operation Of Environment Control SystemsUkai Thermal Power Station - Prevention, Maintenance and Operation of Environment Control SystemsGujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd
18Air Pollution ControlAir Pollution Control Through Retrofitting Of ESPWanakbori Thermal Power Station, Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd
19Solid Wastes ManagementAmanora Park TownCity Corporation Limited
20Liquid Effluents ManagementLiquid Effluents ManagementNational Fertilizers Limited, Panipat
21TourismUP Pro Poor Tourism Development ProjectDepartment of Tourism, Govt of Uttar Pradesh
22Energy ConservationUKAI Thermal Power Station - Energy ConservationGujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd
23Environmental Education ProgramsNamma Mangaluru Swachha MangaluruThe APD Foundation
24Energy ConservationAG DSM (Agriculture Demand Side Management)Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited
25Occupational Safety and HealthHSE ManagementNational Fertilizers Limited, Panipat
26Sustainable InfrastructureSoULS InitiativeIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay
27Energy ConservationEnergy Conservation Measures Taken Up By APSECM, State Designated Agency Of AP, Energy Dept,Govt Of Andhra PradeshAndhra Pradesh State Energy Conservation Mission
28Recovery - Reuse of Waste Products250 Tonnes Per Day MSW Plant Agartala, TripuraProton Enviro Solutions Pvt Ltd
29Water Resource Management1.2 MLD Wastewater Treatment Plant at Excel Crop Care LtdTranschem Agritech Pvt Ltd


Project Name

Talk about this portfolio piece–who you did it for and why, plus what the results were (potential customers love to hear about real-world results). Discuss any unique facets of the project–was it accomplished under an impossible deadline?–and show how your business went above and beyond to make the impossible happen.

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