SKOCH Star of Governance Award


Geology & Mining

SKOCH Star of Governance Award


Geology and Mining

Mr. HP Patel, Additional Director, Development, Geology & Mining, Government of Gujarat

New Delhi, 18th June 2022

The mining villages in Gujarat have traditionally suffered because of the lack of adequate healthcare infrastructure. With Mobile Medical Units formed by District Mineral Foundation, the miners have access to proper screening and diagnosis services for both communicable and non-communicable illnesses. Over 50 tests can be conducted by in-house labs. The Electronic Medical Record System (EMRS) is improving the quality of screening services. The new system incorporates specialty services like Cardiology, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics and so on. The project serves a population of 31,000 people in the Aspirational District of Dahod and 56,000 people in Panchmahal. Over 1,800 physical and diagnostic tests have been conducted. Covid-19 screening and safety practices have improved as a result of this project.

L to R: Sameer Kochhar, Chairman, SKOCH Group; Mr. HP Patel, Additional Director, Development, Geology & Mining, Government of Gujarat

There are 4 kinds of mineral transportation processes undertaken in the state of Gujarat: Lease to Stock, Lease to End User, Trader to Trader and Trader/Stock to End User. Around 70,000 trips are conducted daily. The Vehicle Tracking and  Monitoring System is boosting operational efficiency. Routine reports are being created daily. These offer invaluable insights into processes and problems and inspire better decision-making. The Centralised Dashboard-based tracking system works in real-time, incorporating actual traffic conditions and route options for maximum efficiency.

Integrated Lease Management System was conceptualised in 2019 under which all physical records and processes within the mining sector are being digitised. Over 1.5 lakh direct stakeholders are involved in this undertaking, including traders, stockists, concession holders and vehicle owners. The new system promotes greater accountability through user tracking and a centralised MIS. The system helps 1.5 lakh vehicle and mechanised equipment owners, 8,000 leaseholders and more than 7,000 traders.

Fifty-four mining-affected villages of Lakhpat and Abdasa Talukas in the Kutch District of Gujarat now have access to healthcare services. The Clinics are enabled with a Telemedicine portal for specialist doctor consultations such as Cardiologists, gynaecologists, etc, which is not available within a 100 km radius. More than 40,000 patients have availed of pathology tests so far.

Mr. HP Patel, Additional Director, Development, Geology & Mining, Government of Gujarat at SKOCH Star of Governance Award

State of Governance: Rohan Kochhar, SKOCH Development Foundation

Persentation: SKOCH Corp. by Dr. GursharanDhanjal, Voice Chairmen, SKOCH Group

Keynote: India Governance Forum: Mr. Sameer Kochhar, Chairmen SKOCH Group


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