SKOCH Star of Governance Award


Forest & Environment

SKOCH Star of Governance Award

Government of Odisha

Forest & Environment

Dr. Mona Sharma, Additional Chief Secretary, Forest, Environment and Climate Change, Government of Odisha

New Delhi, 18th June 2022

What was once dismissed for want of processing technology has become a major source of livelihood today. Kendu Leaves, the green gold of Odisha generates on an average 80 lakh man-days annually employing over a million rural folks. Most of these man-days are generated during lean summer months supplementing the income of tribals. All payments are done online into the respective bank/post office account of a beneficiary. The welfare of all the stakeholders in the form of bonuses and incentives besides providing them the necessary logistics support required for smooth working has been the key. In addition, a compassionate grant for death and permanent disability is available to the eligible pluckers, binders and all seasonal staff under their respective welfare trust fund. The compassionate grant as of now is Rs 2.00 lakh in each such case. The entire Kendu Leaves operation is supervised by the exclusive Kendu Leaves wing of the State Forest Department through its over 200 field units and is supported by about 18,000 rural locals. Of about 10 lakh beneficiaries, mostly tribal, more than 7 lakh are women.

L to R: Awardee; Sameer Kochhar, Chairman, SKOCH Group

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