SKOCH Renaissance Award


SKOCH Renaissance Award

The SKOCH Renaissance Award is conferred on corporate organisations which demonstrate outstanding leadership through sustainable practices and sensible corporate social responsibilities. Starting from job creation to environmental comradeship, the awardees show continuous commitment to improve the communities in which they operate. Selection criteria includes: demonstration of greatest impact on quality of life, sustainable development, innovative approach, community impact and employee-led initiatives. The Award is a testimony to the possibility of linking business with corporate responsibility. It recognises top performing State owned, Private, Public and Multinational corporations, in India, which create a significant regional, national or international impact with their business practices.

The Skoch Renaissance Award considers corporate entities that have contributed significantly to India’s growth through an exemplary, sustainable & balanced business performance. The organisation should have exhibited strong business leadership, a commitment to improving the sector they operate in by value creation for all stakeholders, business process and quality enhancement, skill development, employment generation and being a good corporate citizen.

List of past awardees

SKOCH Renaissance Awards 2014 – Order of Merit List

SKOCH Renaissance Awards 2014 – Awardee List

SKOCH Renaissance Awards 2013 – Order of Merit List

SKOCH Renaissance Awards 2013 – Awardee List

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